Become Aware Of Your Mindset

Having an understanding of how the brain functions is not enough to facilitate the changes that need to happen for most people. For any pattern to change or to create a new habit, it’s integral to understand your own lesson and why you are stuck in the pattern, and then you are more likely to beat self-sabotage. A lesson not learnt is often repeated.

Things That Can Affect Positive Change

Understand That You Have A Choice

Does regaining control over your life sound intriguing? Does taking responsibility for the results you get in your life sound unfair? Does finding the right path sound like hard work? What about breaking the mould of the role we play

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Reveal Your True Identity

Have you ever felt a lack of direction or a lack of purpose in your life? Do you often ask yourself – What is my mission in life? Why am I here? What should I be doing with my life?

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Identify What You Truly Want

Why is it that most of us wait for something bad to happen? Are you tempted to jump back on the carousel to ride the comfortable, the known, the old, the safe, the stale, the same old patterns that end

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Be Self-Responsible

Do you feel enlightened and empowered? Do you know the difference between how you look and how you react? Do you take risks, stretch your limits beyond your comfort zone? Who is in charge of your life – the child

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Create The Results You Want

You might have participated in various seminars and personal development workshops but still feel stuck at a plateau for years and unable to put the stuff in action. Or maybe you tried visualisations and affirmations but didn‘t get the result

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Want It Now!

Did you know that the human brain can create new neuro-connections? Did you know that we can accelerate these new connections enabling us to act consistently with our new goals? Did you know old sabotaging behaviours can be released to

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Determine Your Life Goals

Goals will often change or evolve as we progress along our path and the experience and benefits of goal setting is highly beneficial for the individual. So why do we meander through life not setting any goals? What goals would

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Release Stress

Would you like to sleep better and experience greater joy, happiness and satisfaction? There are numerous ways to access inner peace, here are some: • Listen with new ears • Forgive yourself and others • Face your fears • Try

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