Personal Information is information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database) whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained, from the information or opinion.

It includes all personal information regardless of its source. Personal information relates to a natural living person. A natural person is a human being rather than, for example, a company, which may in some circumstances, be recognised as a legal 'person' under the law.

The National Privacy Principles (NPPs) apply to the collection of personal information by an organisation for inclusion in a record or a generally available publication, but apart from this, the NPPs only apply to personal information an organisation has collected that it holds in a record.


Sensitive information is a subset of personal information. It means information or an opinion about an individual's racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of political association, religious beliefs or affiliations, philosophical beliefs, membership of a professional or trade association, membership of a trade union, sexual preferences or practices, criminal record or health information about an individual.

Sensitive information is only collected by MY NULIFE where consent has been obtained, it is allowed by law, or the collection is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of a legal claim, or for the completion of a service - as in a personal consultation.


It is essential for MY NULIFE to collect personal information to complete its standard business functions and activities. Information may be stored in a database on a computer or on hard copy. The purposes for collecting personal information are:

  • Provide efficient communications with our Clientele.
  • Marketing and sales promotions so as to inform a Client or prospective Client of products and services which may be of benefit to them.
  • Administrative operations including statistical reports, accounting, record keeping, development and testing of systems and the training of staff.
  • Complying with legislative and regulatory requirements.

We collect personal information only by lawful and fair means and not in an unreasonably intrusive way. At or before the time (or, if that is not practicable, as soon as practicable after) after MY NULIFE has collected personal information from you, MY NULIFE will take reasonable steps to ensure that you are aware of:

  • Who we are and how to contact us; and
  • The fact that you are able to gain access to information held about you; and
  • The purposes for which the information is collected; and
  • The organisations (or the types of organisations) to which we usually disclose information of that kind; and
  • Any law that requires the particular information to be collected; and
  • The main consequences (if any) for the individual if all or part of the information is not provided.

Where it is reasonable and practicable to do so, MY NULIFE will collect personal information directly from yourself. This may occur, for example, when completing a mailing list form, or request for a product or service over the telephone. Where it is not reasonable or practical to collect information from you directly, MY NULIFE may rely upon a third party however, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that you have been made aware of the matters listed above except to the extent that making you aware of the matters would pose a serious threat to the life or health of any individual.

In the majority of circumstances MY NULIFE will require specific consent before we collect, use or disclose personal information. Consent will usually be obtained in writing, however there may be some situations where verbal consent is implied and accepted such as when you continue a telephone conversation with us.


MY NULIFE does not collect sensitive information about you unless you have consented; for example if you were to have a clinical hypnosis consultation then it would be implied that you had given consent to collect sensitive information in the course of assisting you to achieve your desired outcomes.


MY NULIFE does not use or disclose personal information about you to any other party, unless consent is given, (consent may be received directly from you or may be implied by your conduct.) or it is required to complete a business transaction, or you would reasonably expect us to do so; or we believe that the disclosure is necessary to lessen or prevent: a serious and imminent threat to an individual’s life, health or safety; or a serious threat to public health or public safety; or when it may be required or authorised by law.

MY NULIFE does not lend or sell personal information to other organisations for marketing purposes, however we may at times provide a mailing list to a third party organisation to mail correspondence to you or to a business associate on your behalf.

If the personal information is to be used for a secondary purpose of direct marketing then it may not be practical for MY NULIFE to seek your consent on the first mail out, however in each direct marketing communication with you, we will draw your attention to the fact that you may express a wish not to receive any further direct marketing communications from us; and each direct marketing communication by us to you shall set out our business address and telephone number; and if the communication is made by fax or email, a fax number or email address at which we can be contacted.

You have the right at any time to request us not to telephone you or provide you with further information about our products and services and not to disclose your information to any other organisations for that purpose.

Please not that personal information collected may be transferred and shared in the event of the sale of this website / business.


MY NULIFE will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information it collects, uses or discloses is accurate, complete and up to date in order to effectively conduct its standard business activities. You may contact us at any time to update your personal information, or to advise that information held is inaccurate or incomplete.


MY NULIFE takes all reasonable steps to protect the personal information it holds about you from misuse and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. MY NULIFE employs the following means to ensure that personal information is protected at all times:

  • Secure premises.
  • Username and password required for access to computer systems.
  • Restricted access to personal information.
  • Backup and disaster recovery plans to handle major business interruptions.
  • Regular maintenance and updating of computer systems to prevent unauthorised access.

When information is no longer required we ensure that it is deleted from our systems, destroyed in a secure manner, or permanently de-identified.

MY NULIFE may be required by law to retain personal information for a period of time after you have ceased your relationship with us. After the required time has passed we attend to the secure destruction or deletion of personal information.


MY NULIFE Privacy Policy set out in this document can be viewed on our website. On request from you, MY NULIFE will take reasonable steps to let you know, generally, what sort of personal information it holds, for what purposes, and how it collects, holds, uses and discloses that information.


You may request access to your personal information by contacting us at the address at the end of this document. MY NULIFE will endeavour to handle all requests for personal information within 30 days of having received the request. Some requests may take longer than 30 days, depending on the information sought, in which case you will be notified of the expected time frame as soon as is practicable. In some situations, where the information requested goes beyond a basic summary, a fee may be charged for access. This fee is used to cover the cost to MY NULIFE for retrieving and supplying the information.

If you are able to establish that the information we hold about you is not accurate, complete and up-to-date, MY NULIFE will take reasonable steps to correct the information so that it is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

You may have access to your personal information, except to the extent that:

  • Providing access would pose a serious and imminent threat to the life or health of any individual; or
  • Providing access would have an unreasonable impact upon the privacy of other individuals; or
  • The request is frivolous or vexatious; or
  • The information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings between MY NULIFE and yourself, and the information would not be accessible by the process of discovery in those proceedings; or
  • Providing access would reveal the intentions of the MY.NILIFE in relation to negotiations with you in such a way as to prejudice those negotiations; or
  • Providing access would unlawful; or
  • Denying access is required or authorised by or under law; or
  • Providing access would be likely to prejudice an investigation of possible unlawful activity; or
  • providing access would be likely to prejudice: the prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution or punishment of criminal offences, breaches of a law imposing a penalty or sanction or breaches of a prescribed law; or the enforcement of laws relating to the confiscation of the proceeds of crime; or the protection of the public revenue; or the prevention, detection, investigation or remedying of seriously improper conduct or prescribed conduct; or the preparation for, or conduct of, proceedings before any court or tribunal, or implementation of its orders; by or on behalf of an enforcement body; or an enforcement body performing a lawful security function asks Rejoice-In-Life not to provide access to the information on the basis that providing access would be likely to cause damage to the security of Australia.

However, where providing access would reveal evaluative information generated within MY NULIFE in connection with a commercially sensitive decision-making process, MY NULIFE may give the individual an explanation for the commercially sensitive decision rather than direct access to the information.

If the organisation is not required to provide the individual with access to the information MY NULIFE may, if reasonable, consider whether the use of mutually agreed intermediaries would allow sufficient access to meet the needs of both parties.


MY NULIFE does not collect or use Commonwealth identifiers. In managing its database, X may use a number assigned by us, to you, to uniquely identify you for the purposes of carrying on our operations.


Wherever it is lawful and practicable to do so MY NULIFE will endeavour to deal with you anonymously, however in most cases it is not possible to do business with you unless we have appropriate identification.


MY NULIFE does not transfer personal information about you to anyone outside of Australia unless we are authorised to do so, as in the nature of carrying on our normal business activities, or required to by law. MY NULIFE will take reasonable steps to ensure that the information which it has transferred will not be held, used or disclosed by the recipient of the information inconsistently with the National Privacy Principles.


Generally email is not a secure way to communicate therefore you should not send us personal information to us via email.

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MY NULIFE attempts to keep all its policies and procedures up to date with changes in the law, technology and market practice. As a result we may change this privacy policy from time to time. This policy was last amended on 25 October 2017.


Any complaints with regard to the handling of your personal information in breach of this Privacy Policy should be directed to

Martine Piveteau
QLD Australia 4220
Telephone: 0411369 309

Any complaints that have not been handled satisfactorily by MY NULIFE can be referred to the Federal Privacy Commissioner:

Director of Complaints
Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 1042
Telephone: 1300 363 992

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