An integrative, client-centered approach

My Nulife has an integrative, client-centered approach and it looks at the complete picture.
Neurological Therapies such as Clinical Hypnosis and EMDR* are offered to provide tools for in depth change.

* Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing



Psychological counselling is a very powerful process of breaking through emotional or psychological distress and conditions. My Nulife specialises in neurological therapies to provide effective tools for change and to assist people to gain insight. My NuLife offers caring and professional help.


Have you ever failed to hear what someone said because you were daydreaming? This is a natural “trance” state. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, similar to a daydreaming state often experienced daily by most of us. By itself it is unlikely to cause a relief of issues, although it usually provides welcomed relaxation and stress relief. It is the ‘therapy’ carried out during the altered state of awareness referred to as “hypnotherapy” that is significant. A Clinical Hypnotherapist facilitates the subconscious healing of clients and assist people with a variety of issues. Hypnosis encompasses regression, root-cause, release and re-learning techniques, just to name a few. Genuine hypnotherapy is client-centered. In Hypnotherapy, clients control their healing process and thus the outcome. It is an empowering experience. Contrary to the popular myth, the hypnotherapist will do hypnosis with you, not “to you”!
Hypnosis is completely safe, people can experience huge leaps forward with just one session! Hypnosis is a method of changing your thoughts, emotions and behaviours, and even your body ~using the power of the mind!



EMDR accelerates the treatment of a wide range of dysfunctions and self-worth issues related to upsetting past traumatic events, hurts and present life conditions. It is important to note that while EMDR helps process trauma incurred during excessively stressful or life-threatening situations, it can also find wider applications since trauma, in its wider sense means “wound”.

One on One Yoga

One on One Yoga sessions are offered to complement the therapeutic process. It is based on Movement with Awareness and intend to help lowering the person’s stress level by calming their overactive nervous system.

Meditations / Guided Visualisations

Discover the endless benefits of meditation and visualisation to gain clarity in your life, dissolve stress, increase your ability to concentrate and your overall performance. Research has proven that positive visual reinforcement alongside de-stressing techniques, such as meditation can produce startling effects. Do you dare to put your dreams at the centre of the frame in a most abundant vision?

Some Benefits of Meditation

Cognitive and Academic Performance

Meditation improves the ability to maintain preparedness and orient attention, to process information quickly and accurately and can have a positive impact on academic achievement.

Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being

Meditation usually decreases stress, anxiety and depression. It supports better regulation of emotional reactions/responses and the cultivation of positive psychological states.

Development of the Whole Person

Meditation can support the development of creativity and enhance the development of skills required for healthy interpersonal relationships. It can also help to cultivate self-compassion.

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