One on One Yoga

Mouvement With Awareness (MWA)

Yoga to YOU!

My Nulife is also committed to delivering Yoga to You: one-on-one, personalised instruction for individuals.

The ancient practice of yoga was originally taught by a great teacher who passed on their wisdom to one student. Now you can have the exclusivity and privacy of your own personal Yoga Teacher at a time that is most convenient to you.

Personal one-on-one yoga lessons are one of the most effective ways to take a yoga, Movement with Awareness (MWA) class, and one of the quickest way to feel better and more relaxed.

Classes are based on a blend of Yoga and Movement with Awareness routines.

One-on -One Yoga sessions can help with stress and anxiety and complement the therapeutic process by lowering the person’s stress level and calming the overactive nervous system.

Why Private Yoga, Movement With Awareness?

There is a myriad of reasons you feel a personalised practice is for you. Studios and gyms may seem daunting or you are more discerning with your time. Private Yoga's body of students include:

  • Those who prefer the privacy & attention of a home practice
  • Time-poor individuals with limited availability
  • Those suffering from stress, anxiety & depression who need calm in the security and comfort of familiar surrounds

The benefits of yoga are universal: mentally, physically and emotionally, a regular yoga practice will develop your overall health & well-being, bringing confidence, strength and calm to your life. Your teacher, is a member of an Association with insurance.

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