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The purpose of My NuLife is to facilitate a holistic integrative approach to health and well being
using therapies such as Clinical Hypnosis and EMDR, coupled with traditional psychological counselling.



Personal counselling is a confidential environment in which to explore personal or relationship issues. It creates a healing space to deal with overwhelming emotions.
In our busy society, we can lose touch with our authentic selves. A counsellor can help people rediscover of their ‘real’ self, as they change self-defeating habits and find creative solutions to problems, old or new:
- Stop Smoking
- Weight Loss
- Trauma
- Fertility
- Pain Reduction
- Self Esteem
- Stress Management
- Relationships


Hypnotherapy is a focused state, totally natural and safe where one can gain access to inner wisdom and the power of the mind easily and effectively, promoting change in thoughts, behaviours, and even the body.
Hypnosis can help achieve goals never thought possible!
Most people find hypnotherapy a pleasant experience with beneficial after-effects, many people report feeling generally happier and more relaxed after the session and in day-to day life.



EMDR is beneficial for mild to deeper psychological distress. Studies have proven that EMDR can help recover from trauma. Brain scans and research have revealed that EMDR stimulates positive change in the brain by facilitating the processing of information that has become 'stuck' in the central nervous system.
It is unusual because, with something as simple as EM (Eye Movements) or tapping and accompanying free-association, it can achieve in relatively few sessions what other therapies may take years to achieve, if at all.
EMDR is one of the quickest and most exciting ways to make positive, lasting change in one’s life.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure

Marianne Williamson



My NuLife offers targeted professional Programs
aimed at addressing areas of concern such as:

Specialising in Stop Smoking, Trauma Resolution, Weight Control

What clients say

How have their lives changed? Hear true life testimonials


During the EMDR sessions with Martine Piveteau I was aware of movement of energy as well as very fast processing of past traumatic memories without any particular distress. Very difficult physical condition improved dramatically after only a few sessions. I am now doing really well, feeling lighter, clearer and purified.

Stop Smoking

I had been smoking for 14 years when I finally realised I needed help to end this horrible addictive habit as I had tried and failed to quit many times.
Martine is a powerful hypnotherapist. If you can't quit smoking alone get help with hypnosis: the only thing you've got to lose is your habit!
Claire C.
Gold Coast


I have attempted hypnosis before and I was sceptical initially. However it was completely different, with Martine and I was able to feel the effects of the hypnosis almost immediately. This was very comforting and so peaceful, and I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone who is finding it difficult to ‘switch-off’, or with anxiety or stress. Martine made me feel very comfortable in her presence and not worry about anything and I trusted that she had my best interest in mind. Thank you so much for the experience.
Gold Coast

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